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TurnAssist™ Patient Turning Systems is an innovative repositioning system created to be stronger and more durable with a better microclimate at a lower price than the leading system.

Effective offloading for the care of bony prominences such as heels and elbows. The original heel offloading boot, Heelift®, now with five models to prevent and treat heel pressure injuries in any patient.

Walking boots from Optima and Darco will help patients with good mobility prevent or treat heel pressure ulcers.

The KISS System removes subjectivity in wound photography to address liability issues and standardizes wound photography regardless of skill level.

The open-heel design of HeelSafe™ DVT Hose relieves pressure on the heel and allows visualization. EdemaWear® stockinets are soft, safe and use an innovative compression system to reduce swelling from edema.

With our partners at Blake Medical, we are pleased to bring into the US for the first time some of the highest quality wheelchair cushions, backs, and protectors anywhere.

Body protectors maximize comfort by using strategic cushioning on pressure points while decreasing the risk of tissue breakdown.

Positioning products are designed to reduce pressure on a variety critical areas of the body.

Bed Rail Protectors provide protection against bumps, bruises, and other accidents that may occur when skin comes in contact with metal bed rails.